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As a teacher, author, and traveler, Maria has built a life of stories; ones she is excited to share with the world. And with her wealth of experiences, she aims to help others live their own stories through unique and differentiated travel planning programs tailored to individual needs, as well as offer services to help share the stories that are unique to you and should be told to the world. Get in touch today.

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Maria's Debut Novel

Twelve-year-old Natalie Carpenter wants nothing more than to follow the old train tracks straight out of her no-nothing, go-nowhere, nothing-but-bad-memories town, but when a stranger arrives seeking to unravel mysteries left behind by his recently deceased mother, what started out as the worst summer of Natalie's life is about to dramatically change.

From abandoned train stations to old museums to encounters with a famous actress and even to a haunted hotel, Natalie and her new found friend, John Paul, race to piece together clues that could very well solve a half-century old missing person case and even lead to the discovery of a fabled hidden treasure. More importantly, will the secrets they reveal help heal deep wounds of the past, including Natalie’s own?

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November 26, 2020

By Ally Lanasa, Staff Writer
Bayside Gazette


Teacher Publishes Novel Based On Ties To The Community

By Emily Allgair
Severna Park Voice

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