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The Waiting Place

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Writing is a gift. A power. I have neglected this by not publishing more actively on my own website. I have become wrapped up in the fast-paced tracks of life and have lost sight of my own self. Who I am, what I believe, and what I wish to do with my time in this world.

The last line of my Professional Summary on my resume states that I am a motivated, driven, and goal-oriented individual with a desire to achieve success in career and life by creating meaningful relationships that foster and cultivate a better world. I have somewhat lost sight of this as I have been removed from the classroom since March 11, 2020. Nearly three years of searching for “what’s next?” Of finding meaning in this new realm of life. Of striving each day to convince myself that my sole attention to my children is what my dream in this moment should be.

And it is.

I am a stay-at-home-mom to two beautiful little boys. I am a cook, cleaner, and homemaker. I am a toy builder, adventure creator, field trip planner, crafter, reader, and jungle gym, but being all that doesn't mean I need to lose sight of the success in the career that I dream of as well, does it? Can’t a person have both? Career and family? I have worked to find a balance, but my children have outweighed the career quite drastically on the scale and this has hindered my own being and my sense of purpose.

With my children taking precedence over everything in my life, my career has fallen into limbo, and in just a few months, I need to decide if I will return to the classroom for the 2023-2024 school year as my leave of absence expires, or do I dare take the plunge at something else, something more?

Teaching was my gift. My power. I see that strength in my own children and what I have taught them – their quest for knowledge, their beautiful zest of curiosity, their constant questioning about the world, and their endless desire to explore. I know that they are my sense of purpose, but still, something has been missing… something that I am not quite sure what it even is.

So as I sit in The Waiting Place that Dr. Seuss described exactly and exquisitely with only a Dr. Seuss-ish style, I will delve back into my journals of years past and share stories of the world and this beautiful thing called life.

And maybe that something will become known...

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