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October 27, 2020

Twelve-year-old Natalie Carpenter wants nothing more than to follow the old train tracks straight out of her no-nothing, go-nowhere, nothing-but-bad-memories town, but when a stranger arrives seeking to unravel mysteries left behind by his recently deceased mother, what started out as the worst summer of Natalie's life is about to dramatically change.

From abandoned train stations to old museums to encounters with a famous actress and even to a haunted hotel, Natalie and her newfound friend, John Paul, race to piece together clues that could very well solve a half-century-old missing person case and even lead to the discovery of a fabled hidden treasure. More importantly, will the secrets they reveal help heal deep wounds of the past, including Natalie’s own?

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Maria Grosskettler is the "Wizard of Words" 2022.

Mind Rocket Media Group

This is the best book I have read yet in fifth grade. "Tracks" is for people who love mystery, adventure, a little bit of sadness, mischievous, snooping, and even a little scary! I suggest you read this book, no matter how old or young you are. Just read this book as soon as you can!!!

Grosskettler weaves the story of the two young investigators with their struggles against internal conflicts. The adventures involve listening and thinking as well as daring escapes and rescues. Both characters recognize their weaknesses and try to move away from the past. Tracks by Maria Grosskettler would be a diverting read to share with a child of ten or over. Grosskettler offers characters who make mistakes, feel the pain or regret of poor decisions, and eventually learn from them. She also captures the quaint charm of one of the best small towns in America—Berlin, Maryland.

Review of Tracks by Maria Grosskettler

by Greyhound Reviewer--Joan D. Cooper

Perfect for Young Mystery Fans!

Tracks is a delightful tale of two small town kids from Berlin, Maryland unraveling their town’s mysterious history. An abandoned train station, a haunted hotel and lots of secrecy make the story interesting and adventurous. 
I recommend this book to all young mystery readers and to the adults who grew up on Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. I’m impressed with the writing style of this first time author and I hope to see more stories evolve from this one.

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