About Maria

Maria Grosskettler is a lover of the written word. To her, piecing together the perfect string of words is like composing a melody. Though writing has been a passion since the time of her Winnie the Pooh journal, she began her career as a teacher and spent over ten years instilling a love of reading and writing into young students. In 2020, she released her debut middle-grade novel entitled Tracks, has since taken a leave of absence to homeschool her own children, and has discovered content and copy writing which allows her to connect with people and share their stories with the world.

When not reading, writing, or teaching, Maria enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons seeking adventures every day. As a family, they enjoy traveling, hiking, biking, and kayaking. She lives in Maryland for part of the year. The rest of the time, she travels the world creating her own adventures.

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